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Four 'Sprout' Plant Your Pencil

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The Sprout Pencil is the first plantable sustainable pencil in the world. The pencil has been given its dual function by replacing the eraser with a special seed capsule. Delicious fresh herbs, crispy vegetables, or edible flowers, grow out of the pencil.

There are 4 pencils in each Option.

Option One: Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Mint
Option Two: Dill, Forget-me-not, Marigold, Sage


The Sprout Pencil is made of natural materials. The body is sustainable PEFC or FSC-certified cedar wood, which means that a new tree is planted each time a tree is harvested. The core is a mixture of clay and graphite. The seed capsule contains high quality, non-gmo seeds. It is water soluble, making the pencil easy to plant after use.


Plant the Sprout pencil when it is too short to write with. We have chosen the seeds for our pencils with great care, and they germinate quickly, i.e. within 1-3 weeks depending on seed variety. Most plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The seeds can survive over 2 years before you need to plant them.

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